We provide various Technical services and assistance to our esteemed clients , enable them to concentrate on their core business needs and rely on us with assured dependability to take care of your day today electrical service needs, be it maintenance or technical manpower or engineering services, “PRO OMEGA “assures you of your satisfaction, more than you expect. To upgrade our offerings in real terms it has been our endeavour to prove ourselves as a “Single Window". To facilitate for any and every Electrical need of our Esteemed Customers we have signed agreements with various Technology and functional experts and The Business Association with our Principals and Partners provides a “One Stop end to end Solutions” to our clients for their typical needs in respective fields.

Electrical Annual Maintenance Contract

We provide Comprehensive/Non comprehensive Electrical Annual preventive Maintenance Contracts for all types of substations up to 220 KV ,electrical installations such as HT/LT Panels, ATS, VCB’s, Transformers, HVAC, UPS, circuit breakers, all types of panels, DB,s, earth pits, calibration works, etc. from unwanted tripping, faults and fatal accidents

Fault detection and route cause analysis

We provide post fault detection and route cause analysis services round the clock to ensure less downtime and speedy restoration of services.

Technical Manpower Supply

We provide Technical Manpower as per customer requirements on Annual basis with statutory compliances. Adequate manpower is necessary for any task. Manpower with technical knowledge and adequate skills can ensure the task is completed in a better way.

Electrical Engineering Services

We provide Electrical consultation scope which includes following stages,
a. Conceptual stage: Load study, space planning, Layouts, basic schematics and special design requirements
b. Design & Development: Detailed layout, planning, schematics and intent finalisation....
c. Tender/Bid Document Preparation: Finalisation of Technical specifications, Bill of Material, Data
sheets, Drawings and Techno commercial Terms & Conditions and Preparation of Final Tender Document.
d. Project Management: Finalisation of contracts, Assistance in capital goods purchase, FAT, on site
assistance monitoring and co ordination between client and different agencies and ensuring progress,
quality and timeline of project, up to Final inspection ,Trial run and Handover.
e. Preparation of Engineering Drawing: The engineering drawings are the blueprint for the systems. It is the first step in preparing the analytical response plan, which allows us to be thoroughly confident with the system layout of the plant. To make the system user friendly and easily understandable, an up to date drawing is very essential. We provide New Engineering drawings for a New or existing systems

Power Quality Monitoring & Management

Harmonics Analysis

Harmonics are generated mainly because of the electronic devices and other non linear dev ices/Loads connected to the power system. These distortions if un-mitigated have a detrimental effect on power quality as they can cause equipment malfunction, overheating of equipment, increased power losses and affects the quality of the power to the end user. ...


  • Maintain the current flow in the neutral and temperature rise of cables.
  • Reduce the eddy current and hysteresis losses.
  • Prevent capacitor failure due to harmonic resonance.
  • Increase the life of Motors, Transformers and other electrical and electronic devices.

Harmonic analysis mainly consists of number of analysis such as frequency scan, voltage and current distortion calculations, capacitor rating and filter size calculations, these analyses helps us to evaluate the harmonic level of the electrical network and to find out the suitable mitigation methods. These analyses are done at various levels in the plant. The harmonics are studied based on IEEE 519-2014, standard. A report is submitted based on this study which consists of solutions and recommendations to limit the harmonics.

Reactive Power Compensation

Reactive power is an essential component for the smooth flow of the apparent power in the power networks. Generators are prime source for reactive power generation, to meet the network reactive power demand of network and load. This result in excessive flow of reactive power over the transmission corridors and may lead to voltage instability and uneconomical operation of network. The control of reactive power in a small power system is straight forward, particularly when the load is reasonably stable/steady. However the control of reactive power is highly challenging for the power utilities operators in large power systems, where the power network consists of long distance power l ines and highly variant load due to wide varying seasonal conditions.

Power quality management is mainly concerned with the control of the quality or purity of the sine wave of the electrical power supply. The power quality of the sine wave is majorly deteriorated by these factors

  • Voltage variations
  • Harmonics
  • Flicker
  • Unbalanced phase
  • Frequency variations
  • Transients and short term interruptions

The first step is always proper measurement of these parameters, it is crucial that measurements are taken continuously for a definite amount of time, so that sufficient amount of data can be gathered for proper analysis of the power system.


  • Monitoring and compliance to harmonic standards prevents breakdowns in the plant.
  • Provides longer life to the machineries.
  • Reduce maintenance cost.
  • Responsible plant operation by non-polluting the grid.
  • Avoid penalties for harmonic content.


We gather the information regarding the plant. Problems regarding the plant are consider ed and the study is carried out adhering to the standards. We in Technical collaboration with ‘Power Quality and Energy conservation cell of AISSMS Institute of information technology’ provide the best service for Electrical energy audit, Energy monitoring system and Power quality management system. Based on the Power Quality data analysis we provide the customised best suited S olutions to eliminate the impurities and improve power quality of the electrical system.

Energy Monitoring & Management

Energy Audit

Energy Audit is the verification, monitoring and analysis of the use of energy including submission of technical report containing recommendations for improving energy efficiency with analysis and an action plan to reduce energy consumption. An improvement in energy efficiency within your organization can potentially bring significant benefits....


  • Detailed analysis of current energy consumption
  • Performance evaluation, heat balance, and loss identification.
  • Solutions to reduce energy consumption by reducing the losses.
  • Increases the overall efficiency of the plant.


With a focus on energy efficiency, we provide energy audit services to help our clients in reducing energy consumption and energy cost. We are committed to give the most promising solutions that improve energy efficiency and bring sustainability. We employ a systematic approach that goes beyond equipment efficiencies and estimates the overall system efficiencies of important processes and supporting utilities. This approach helps identify inefficiencies and hidden losses that may exist due to the design philosophy, system design, existing equipment design and/or operating practices. Our technical report helps in understanding the detailed view of current energy con sumption pattern, Identify opportunities and creates solutions to reduce energy use and hence energy cost, financial analysis of each solution.

This system continuously monitors the consumption of energy of different areas of plant. The c ollected data gives us the idea of energy consumption of different areas at different time and also gives us the information about the sudden changes in the energy requirement.


  • Identify the excessive energy usage in different areas of the industry
  • Monitor the energy consumption trends like current, voltage, power factor.
  • Detect instances when consumption is unexpectedly higher or lower than usual.
  • Generate the power consumption report on hourly, daily, weekly, monthly basis.
  • By analyzing the changes in the energy consumption the future energy consumption can be planned in a cost effective way.


We gather the information regarding the plant. Problems regarding the plant are considered and the study is carried out adhering to the standards. We in Technical collaboration with ‘Power Quality and Energy conservation cell of AISSMS Institute of information technology’ provide the best service for Electrical energy audit, Energy monitoring system and Power quality management system.

Arc Flash Study

Most companies are putting their workers at risk without fully understanding the magnitude of the risk. An arc flash study will quickly bring into perspective of the potential hazards and just how dangerous the arc flash can get. Based on our recommendations once you have the information you will know exactly what are the changes to be done to maintain a safe and a reliable system....


Determination of Arc Flash boundary and limits of approach using ETAP software and IEEE standards.

  • Study of Shock Hazard
  • Evaluation of working distance and threshold boundaries at various panels.
  • Incident energy values.
  • Marking of boundaries based on the study.
  • Recommendations on how to improve the system and what PPE’s do electrician need .


We collect the required data from the plant, this data is then processed with the help of software for arc flash calculations and results are achieved in accordance with NFPA70E and IEEE standards. A report based on this study is submitted which includes hazard labelling plan, incident energy levels, flash protection boundaries, this helps in selecting the components which minimize the arc flash hazard and select & provide the personal protective equipment according to the standards.

Electrical Safety Audit

Electrical Safety Audit deals with analyzing the safety of electrical installations in a facility. It is applicable for all the sectors (Infrastructure, Industrial, Government, and Commercial). The electrical safety audit concentrates on current electrical safety conditions and chose other safety measures for the facility. It is conducted in a facility to ensure that electrical establishment is working in an electrically safe way and are meeting their commitments. ...


  • Identifying electrical hazards to limit the danger of accidents.
  • Identifying areas of risk or weakness in electrical framework and installations.
  • Ensuring consistency with regulatory and industry safety related procedures.
  • Evaluation of existing safety management system and recommendations for improving the same


We gather the information from the operation; maintenance and safety personnel the plant is inspected for all electrical installations which help us collect the necessary details and familiarize us with the process/activities of the plant. These steps help is to carry out the safety audit efficiently, once the audit is carried out a report of the same is submitted which includes all our findings, recommendations and solutions for improving electrical safety

Illumination Audit/Lighting design & control system

Lighting has a unique ability to influence the tone and impressions of our environment. In industrial spaces it acts to shape perceptions of vibrancy, cleanliness, pride and efficiency....

Spaces with better lighting feel more comfortable productive and engaging. Though it is often difficult to precisely quantify, both focused research and common experience have shown that, Lighting has a substantial impact on everything from error and accident rates to employee satisfaction and productivity.


  • Design of lighting system suitable for the work environment with the help of Dailux software and National standards/codes
  • Study of the existing lighting system to explore the possibilities of energy saving in the system.
  • Increase the lighting efficiency while reducing the energy cost. This audit is Important to all the industries which focus on energy saving and occupational health and safety.


The information regarding the study is obtained. Existing lighting conditions are checked; all the work areas are considered. This data is then processed with the help of software to get accurate results. Which help in dramatic energy savings by concentrating on application specific lighting needs. Further based on the data analysis, we execute the recommendations based on customer needs.

Building Lightning Protection System

With the increase in sensitive electrical and electronic equipments in the workplace, the need to protect them against the dangers of lightning is very important....

The thermal and electromechanical effects of lightning relatively impact the buildings and humans. Sensitive areas where the density of the lightning flash is high, the buildings have to be well protected in order to avoid loss of prope rty or human.
A lightning protector/arrester provides a path for the lightning to get discharged into the respective earth pits to the ground. There are various parameters to be considered for this audit like the material of the lightning protector, building dimensions, size of the earth pit, atmospheric conditions etc.


We provide comprehensive lightning protection system design, direct stroke lightning protection calculations and review the condition of existing lightning protector/arrester.

Electricity Bill Analysis and Optimisation

(With respect to New MSEDCL Tariff Structure wef 1st April 2020)

We all are aware that New Tariff Order (Case No 322) has been enforced for All type of consumers with effect from 1st April 2020....

The New order calls for various changes required to be implemented in our electrical system to ensure the desired parameters will remain in the stipulated limits. This will help us in avoiding the unnecessary penalties and reducing the Energy Bills to maximum possible limits.
We provide the service to analyse your current bill and recommend and implement the desired corrections/updations and additions to be incorporated to achieve desired result.


Post analysis, we recommend the necessary system related changes, energy saving devices and Real time power factor correction solution which results in the efficient use of electricity with the optimisation of energy bill.